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Marc Kingsland

Marc Kingsland

Marc Kingsland creates urban and rural landscapes painted with great precision and attention to detail. The artist then uses these as theatres for tales of mysterious encounters and journeys.

Shifts in time sometimes allow the same figure to appear more than once in the same picture.

Horizons can be hidden by walls or buildings; but sail masts, hot air balloons and half glimpsed figures can be visible behind them, hinting at tales that extend beyond the picture plane.

Marc creates worlds of completely free possibility in which anything may or could be about to happen.

When producing his works, the artist pays great care to using the very best of art materials, even going as far as making many of his own oil paints. Marc often uses the very same pigments used by the old masters.

Marc Kingsland’s work is in private collections around the world, including Australia, Great Britain, Osaka Japan and the United States of America.

The artist was born in 1963 in New Zealand and has had numerous solo exhibitions in his home country, the first of which was in 1987.